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Corpse Party: Whole Series History/Review by invertqueen7 Corpse Party: Whole Series History/Review by invertqueen7
Note: This review will be updated when we see the end of Dead Patient and if any other new games in the series make a appearence. Also, I have NOT played any of the games and instead am going off of Playtroughs I have seen on Youtube and info I found on the Wiki.

WARNING! Spoilers about the story ahead! Do not read unless you have played at least one of these games (specifically Repeated Fear)!

The gore-filled Visual novel known as Corpse Party, it wasn't known in the US until after Repeated Fear was released and English Subbed.

~+~The Original Terror (The 1st Story)~+~
Corpse Party was made originally by Kenix Soft on PC-98 in 1996, and was just known as......well, Corpse Party.

However, the game did not have all the cast as known infamously in Repeated Fear and instead just had Satoshi, Naomi, Ayumi, Yoshiki, Yuka, and The Girl In Red (Later known as Sachiko). Because of the era the game is from, it looks...unrefined. The skin is yellow-ish tan, everyone's hair is grey-blue, just looks bad. But hey, it wasn't made by a big company at the time so I excuse it. In fact, despite the bad art I like the concept they were going for.

So, the story is basically the same but because the characters are very few it is definitely shorter. For example....instead of Ms. Yui scaring them, Yuka just walks in by herself and she scares Satoshi by accident.

Also, how they get to Heavenly Host is different from Repeated Fear as instead of the Charm they just get the earthquake while cleaning up from the festival. Also, when they appear in the ghostly school they end up in the same dimension and go off into two groups that are similar to Repeated Fear (although in R.F. Naomi appears with Satoshi and Yuka later in the story, while in C.P. she ends up with them from the beginning).

And like in R.F., another earthquake happens that changes the entire school environment fur-some-how. Also, again a ghost explains the situation they're in.

After some time it seems that Yoshiki and Ayumi  'escape', but then the Girl In Red appears and tells them about her life before she died and about her death.

A different route from R.F. (but almost similar), it is found out that her mom never shows up in the story at all and she was a introverted loner. She eventually got the eye of a professor, and after he persuaded her he ended up raping her. After she said that she would report him and him not believing her, she accidentally fell from the 3rd floor into the courtyard. The teacher got scared and tried to hide her before the principle found out, but because he didn't want a bad rep for the school he actually helped hide her body.
It is then found out that she has two forms. The 1st is the Girl In Red that they met in the Ghost School is her anger and hatred, and the 2nd is the Red Girl whom they are talking to is her conscience. 

After the two find out that the others are still trapped, they go back even though that the 2nd Red Girl cannot help them if they do.

After the other group meets the principle and escaped a near-death by the 1st Red Girl, they use the piano to call the spirits to tell them where the 1st Red Girl is residing. After all the group gets together, they are thought to be killed until it is revealed that the 2nd Red Girl was sacrificed to keep them alive. After they defeat the 1st Red Girl, she loses her control over the school and they all have to escape before the bell tolls 10 times (very similar to R.F.).

After that, they about what happened as Naomi plays the piano.

Kind of a....short.....climax....but the game still seems to be very good at its story.

~+~The Terror Continues (the 2nd Story)~+~
Called Corpse Party rebuilt, it is very similar to the original....Actually, it's just a re-make. So, that means the story is the exact same one. -_-' 
It was made by a fan of the series in Japan, and was the very first to be released outside of its homeland. 

The only difference here is that it has enhanced graphics/mechanics, and it was supposed to have a entire remake of Corpse Party Zero but because of no contact with the Zero Team it was not meant to be. So far, the developer is anonymous even to this day.

~+~ You'll Never Escape (The 3rd Story)~+~
Known as Corpse Party Zero, it is another infamous fan-game in the series during the nine years between the original and the mobile game. 

It is a sort of prequel to the original C.P., with instead of a group there's two sisters named Kaori and Shiho (whom one was used for future cannon games). 

Like any other horror game, it starts with the two talking about what happened to Sachiko (saying she didn't die and instead disappeared leaving brains all over the courtyard) and after talking about it they get transported by earthquake to the school.
They get seperated, but thankfully find eachother along the way and decided to explore.

You notice real quickly that there are a lot of refs that are later used in R.F., like the loose board and the Ten Letters (which in R.F. are Notes from Naho's journal).

Eventually, three ghosts warm them of Sachiko and tell them to try to find a way out before she kills them.
They end up going to the 2nd wing of the school, and because the floor falls they can't go back later on.

After they go the the infirmary, the model attacks them after a blackout. Thankfully, they escape but the floor falls so they get seperated again. 

It seems that the two get back together again and find a way out to the real world, but one was actually a evil ghost and attacks Shiho leaving her for dead so she decided to leave a note for Kaori.

Kaori does escape, and finds a hidden passage in one of the security guard rooms.  She eventually finds Shiho dead, and reads the note about the red ghosts (which are evil) and the blue ghosts (which are good). She then vows to get out, taking the yellow ribbon she always wore.

You know, I do like the idea that one of the sisters' designs was used later on in the cannon series and all the 'easter egg' references used in R.F. was really nice too.

~+~ The Original Fear, Revisited (The 4th Story)~+~
Known as Blood Covered, it is another remake of the original but has even better graphics and even full voice acting. It also inspired a manga, drama CD's, and even Original Soundtracks. It was later remade as a PSP game known as Blood Covered: Repeated Fear.

This is the 1st game that includes the cast known from R.F. which includes Satoshi, Ayumi, Naomi, Yoshiki, Yuka, Seiko, Sakutaro, Mayu, and Ms. Yui. 

It is also the 1st entry that has Wrong Endings, depending on what you do in the game. 

...Basically, it's a less refined PC version of R.F. but a better remake of the original.

~+~The Infamous Corpse (The 5th Story)~+~

Known by basically everybody as just Corpse Party or Repeated Fear, it is the infamous horror game by XSEED and GrisGris on the PSP. 

The story is about a group of kids from Kisaragi Academy who get stuck in Heavenly Host Elementary after they did the Sachiko Ever After Charm, and they have to find a way out before they get killed by either Sachiko, the three ghost kids, evil spirits, or the janitor.

...Do I really have to explain this if you've seen/played this game???? -_-'

~+~The Book (The 6th Story)~+~

Known as Book of Shadows, this is one of the Wrong Endings where Satoshi is the only one who remembers everything about being in there when time seems to reset itself to the beginning of the story.

It explores the side-stories of the characters who you didn't play as in R.F. (basically the ones who died) in a 1st-person perspective similar to a shooter but without weapons, and the story about how Naomi and Ayumi try to bring back all the ones who died in Heavenly Host.

~+~Fetish Anyone? (The Unnecessary Story)~+~
Known as Love 2U, it is a side-game where it's...Sachiko's Birthday? O.O'
This game is riddles with fetishes, mini-games, and I think is just for the fans of the series who like to whack off to the characters.
But I gotta say, I do like it when horror anime series 'take a break' and does something more 'funny' to sort of level it out a bit.
I'm not going to explain it, mostly because it's not relevant to the real story at all. So.....Next One! :)

~+~Hospital Horror (The 7th Story)~+~
Known as Dead Patient, it is the story about a girl with amnesia that ends up in the hospital and has to find a way out. Not much is known at the time as chapters are being released not-so-often, but what is known is that the main character might actually be dead because there was a whole in her chest for some reason.

I am really hyped about this game still, especially since we know what the 1st chapter's ending is. :iconcheerplz:

~+~ The Blood Tale (The 8th Story)~+~
Known as Blood Drive, it is set 2 years after B.O.S. and it is about Ayumi who was afflicted with a illness after using the book. She now has to re-find the book by herself to guard over it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, and to revive her friends whom had died in Heavenly Host.

Again, very hyped for this game. :)
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snarfpore Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what about Tortured souls?
naomi-321 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Photographer
if i die like this, someone remove my tounge and left eye.
ninjakingofhearts Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Well here's some much more nasty…
p-soldiers Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
I really loved the first game (Repeated Fear, I mean) and went back to watch the rest later out of curiosity. I like how the creators were so okay with fanmade games and even brought them into the series.
Book of Shadows was a bit unfortunate. The first game had great pacing, going through the school while still introducing the characters. I loved Seiko despite her brief time. The Seiko/Naomi ending with the cell phone is probably my favorite part of the whole game. Besides them, Yoshiki was a favorite, too, and most characters at least stood on their own. Suzumoto might be the exception simply because she hardly had any screentime, but that was okay.
There's the obvious issue of Yuka and the toilet that was pretty ridiculous, but it's so goofy it's almost a joke more than anything else (just use a bucket already!)

So after that I was anxious to watch Book of Shadows and wow, what a difference. Good pacing was utterly obliterated in this game. My favorite, Seiko, and Naomi were just irritating me this time - I could have taken Seiko being over the top and Naomi being way too oblivious, but not when it's shoved at us for a full hour or so. There were way too many parts in this game that were pure, useless exposition, and they went on forever. The game could have been improved if hours worth of material had simply been cut.
The inclusion of the house was good for a change of pace and there definitely were good moments in the game. I believe this was the one that had Miss Yui go back to her school with the ghost running around. When that ghost was stomping around in a circle while she was hiding was great. Just the simple act of having it run around in a circle over and over creates such an atmosphere of, "Something is seriously weird about that", which is great for tension because we're programmed to notice when something is 'off'.

Same thing happened at the end when they performed the ritual and Suzumoto was pacing around randomly upstairs. Giving that sense that something seems a little strange can be incredibly effective.
Too bad the ending was fairly bad otherwise. You'd think that at some point Ayumi would learn better. She's supposed to have grown up with this stuff, and she experienced what happened in the first game. There's no way she should be picking up the necronomicon and declaring, "Let's raise the dead! Sure, we have no idea what most of this says and I can't pronounce a lot of this without notes, but what could go wrong? Let's just use this faceless picture." At that point the world probably would have been better off if she just died, because if she's that stupid I can't imagine what she'll try next. If she keeps it up she's going to end up doing something worse than what Naho did.

The second one got me worried how Blood Drive will be. I hope they make it more like the first one and less like the second one. There were parts in the second one that I was ready to fall asleep because the pointless exposition wouldn't end.
(Also, I wonder why they didn't ask Yoshiki to go to the house with them? He was the most useful character and always tried to do what was right! "That girl is missing her legs? Nevermind that, grab her and run, we'll figure it out later!" If there was a single Corpse Party character you had to be stuck with you better hope it was him.)
I do hope they get a happy ending in the end.
shiverproud Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student Filmographer
i love it just because pewdie is playing it lol
invertqueen7 Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student General Artist
You know Cry played it too? :)

And yeah, finding love in it again since Pewds is playing it.
shiverproud Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Student Filmographer
yeah i liked cry's reactions too. 
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